Build Your Wellness App. Grow Your Business.

It’s never been easier to build an app for your healthcare, athletic or fitness business. Use our plugin features to integrate Apple Fitness, On-demand Fitness videos, Daily Logs, Live Streaming, Directories and Communities. Start building your app for iOS and Android today!

Common Wellness App Use Cases

Personal Trainers

Expand your reach with remote personal training. Create 30-day workout challenges and deliver custom training videos to your clients from anywhere. Manage client subscriptions and monetize your fitness programs.

Gym Owners

Simplify membership sign-ups and allow for streamlined check-ins. Provide contact information, introduce your staff, and highlight other details about your locations. Share class schedules and manage reservations for racquetball courts, equipment rentals, classes, and more.


Distribute customized meal plans for weight loss and specialized diets. Share recipes and create customized cooking videos with detailed instructions and photos so your clients can follow along in the app. 


Connect app users with healthcare providers of a specific niche or location. Use HIPPA forms with Jotform integration to safely collect and store personal information. Use live stream to over counseling or virtual support.

Train more clients and promote wellness from anywhere!

Wellness App Builder Features & Capabilities

Video Workouts

Easily add video demonstrations to your app by connecting with YouTube or Vimeo plugins. Drive engagement and let app users follow along at their own pace. This makes it easy for clients to achieve their fitness goals.

Manage Schedules

Display your class schedules, operating hours, and book appointments directly through your custom mobile app. Eliminate lengthy calls trying to convey this information over the phone. Do it on your own without a project manager.

Memberships & Subscriptions

Streamline gym sign-ups by allowing new members to choose a subscription plan directly from the app. Get paid quickly without having to schedule in-person appointments. Users can sign up with their social media accounts.

Send Alerts

Client communication has never been easier. Use push notifications to send workout reminders, membership information, updated class schedules, and more.

Meal Plans

A healthy lifestyle starts in the kitchen. Create and share customizable meal plans with detailed recipes, videos, photos, and descriptions. Easily organize recipes by breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, or post-workout meals.

Remote Training

Clients can follow your fitness programs from their homes, offices, or anywhere on the go. Perfect for reaching people who don’t have time to get to the gym every day. Custom programs for everyone, from weight loss to strength training and everything in between.

Limitless Expansion

A mobile app makes it easy to reach prospective clients outside of your local area. People from all over the world can sign up for workout plans and health tips without ever meeting you in person. This is the perfect opportunity for gym owners, personal trainers, and nutrition experts who want to grow beyond their city, state, and region. Achieving fitness goals has never been easier.

Make Money While You Sleep

Create 30-day or 90-day workout challenges and charge a subscription fee to access those programs. Just record the videos once, and scale your fitness empire without limits. You can set a one-time app purchase fee for access to a single program or charge a recurring credit card payment (monthly, quarterly, or annually) for exclusive access to all of your training materials.

24/7 Training Opportunities

Without an app, you’re limited to how many clients you can train one-on-one in a day. Even if you’re doing group classes, your growth is restricted by the size of the room. Creating a fitness mobile app allows you to offer 24/7 training opportunities to hundreds or thousands of people simultaneously.

Getting Started: Sports App

Getting Started: Sports App

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Founder Feature – Lindsey

Founder Feature – Lindsey

“Part of the reason why I chose Tequity is because I didn’t have $25,000 to invest in someone building a custom app for me. I’m very much a do it on your own type of person. There’s so much room for growth within Tequity that you actually don’t need to go custom...

Case Study – Fitness Program

Case Study – Fitness Program

“I really like that we don’t have to worry about updating anything when Apple or Google Play does a new release. It’s just nice being able to outsource this for a very reasonable price. Creating an app with Tequity Apps is something that a small business can...