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Join our results-focused program for women-founded health, beauty & wellness tech companies.

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Turn your early-stage company or idea into reality, leveraging the phones already in your clients’ hands. Get guidance, support, and resources for launching an app to showcase your product, service, or brand without giving up equity in your business. The Incubator is best for companies and entrepreneurs ready to develop a product and find its market fit.


Graduate from the Incubator and take your business and app to the next level gaining high growth traction & sales. Get B2B mentorship, fundraising support, and sales, marketing & media resources without giving up equity in your company. This program is best for companies ready to grow sales & gain capital investment.


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Tailored to You


You shouldn’t have to give up 5-10% of your startup just to get comprehensive help. We’re 100% equity-free and your biggest cheerleader!


Join us from your office or living room anywhere in the world. We require no relocation and run our program entirely online.


Get a custom app built for your business, and learn how to manage and grow it. There’s no other program that develops your product for zero equity.


Develop your startup and fundraising roadmap with our expert mentors and connect with our global community of founders, angel investors, and venture capitalists.


4 weeks, hands-on & a pipe-line for opportunity

Ever felt like other tech companies weren’t talking to you? Our incubator offers a virtual residency program tailored to communities that face limited access to tech programming and funding. In just four weeks, participants can learn how to develop their dream mobile-first product, even without prior coding experience.

As pioneers in the no-code movement, our pre-accelerator ensures Founders in Residence—entrepreneurs just like you—are equipped with a market-ready, high-quality product. Test your ambitious ideas and unleash your potential.

Through a rigorous curriculum, hands-on done-for-you development, and weekly 1-1s, we:




Join our incubator…

Week 1

We Build Your Platform

Meet with your developer

Meet with your designer

Week 2

Add Your Content

Create user on-boarding

Add media for engagement

Week 3

Conduct User Surveys

Share your platform

Collect 50 feedback surveys

Week 4

Launch Your Platform

Publish web & app

Demo Day virtual event

Graduate to accelerate…

Week 1

User & Buyer Feedback

Gather feedback from users

Sales offering validation

Week 2

Apply User Feedback

Make changes with Developer

Make changes with Designer

Week 3

Sales Planning

Create high and low offerings

Prepare sales assets

Week 4

Go to Market Planning

Lead generation plan

Create marketing assets

Week 5

Launch Go to Market

Set up marketing platform

Schedule engagement content

Week 6

Sales Sequences

Find buyer prospects

Create engagement sequence

Week 7

Sales Automation

Schedule email sequence

Set demo/sales meeting flow

Week 8

Data & Analytics

Set up deal flow management

Set up performance analytics


8 weeks, focused on user traction & revenue growth

Accelerate your early-stage company or startup’s growth and development with structured, affordable support from experts.

Get the resources, guidance, and mentorship you need to scale your businesses rapidly.

Over 8 weeks, you’ll get intensive support and guidance to refine your business models, position your services and platform (app) for hyper-growth, and refine your strategy for user acquisition.

After the program ends, you’ll still get the support of NixCode’s founder community through monthly strategy calls, capital support, media opportunities, and technical assistance.




How to Get In!

Apply to Program

Submit your application by June 30. Upon acceptance, secure your spot by choosing a payment plan.

Start Incubator

Join your cohort for weekly programming over 4 weeks with NixCode Founder & Team.

Join Accelerator

Upon successful completion of Incubator, request an invite to begin Accelerator program.

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Why is there a fee for the program?

Your program fee covers the cost of your education in the program, the technology for your business, and it includes 6 months of the most premium access of the NixCode platform with unlimited users, data, and bandwidth. The software subscription alone is valued at over $1,700! 

When will I know if I was accepted?

You will hear back within 10 business days on your application status. The cohort will be publicly announced on July 10th, and the program begins on Monday, July 31. It runs through Thursday, August 25. 

Does my business or idea qualify?

 Your business could be a great fit if your idea is health, beauty, or wellness related. Examples include:

  • Skincare, including products and coaching
  • Nutrition, including products and coaching
  • Exercise and fitness, including personal training
  • Beauty, including environmentally-friendly products and services
  • Sleep
  • Mental health, including stress management, mindfulness, and relaxation
  • Self-care, including promoting mental, physical, and emotional well-being


What is the cohort timeline?
  • Friday, June 30: Application deadline
    • Applications are accepted and rejected on a rolling basis
    • Apply here by 11:59 PM ET
  • July 9: Last acceptance notifications emailed
  • July 9: Payment deadline
    • $1,500 payment in full
    • Payment plan of $500 on July 9, August 9, and September 9
  • July 10: Public announcement of cohort
  • Monday, July 25: Program starts
    • Week 1We build your platform
    • Week 2: Add your content
    • Week 3: Conduct User Surveys
    • Week 4: Launch your product
  • Thursday, August 25: Program end and celebration

I was accepted, what's next?

Once accepted, you can reserve your spot in the program by paying in full ($1,500) or choosing our payment plan: $500 due on July 9, August 9, and September 9.

Your acceptance email has the link to pay. If you need that email resent, please reach out to kori@nixcodeapps.com

We’ll announce you and the rest of the cohort on July 10, and the Incubator will start on July 31 (see full timeline in above question).

I was not accepted, can I reapply?

Yes, you can reapply for the next cohort. You’ll receive an email when the next application cycle opens up.

We open applications twice a year. It is a competitive process and we encourage you to seek feedback on your application. 

What's the difference between the Incubator and Accelerator?

The Incubator is a 4-week program for ideas that do not physically or digitally exist yet. You’ll get the support you need to create your idea with tech.

In the Incubator, we build your product for you and get you ready for user feedback, including proof that people want to buy what you’ve built.

The Accelerator is an 8-week program where you improve your product based on feedback from potential buyers, position your brand and product for organic user growth (so that people find you without inviting them to use the app), and develop a strategy to generate revenue. 

See the 4-week learning objectives for the Incubator and 8-week learning objectives for the Accelerator above.

I already have a product, can I join the Accelerator?

If you already have an existing product that was not built with NixCode, in order to join the Accelerator you must become a NixCode customer by migrating your platform to us.

If you are an existing NixCode customer with a product, you can request an invitation to Accelerator without having participated in the Incubator.

I'm not sure I'm ready for the Incubator. What do you recommend?

Are you still developing your idea? It doesn’t hurt to apply to the Incubator if you’re ready to solidify the concept and make an investment to bring your platform to market. Sometimes we self-select out because we think others are further along. But Imposter Syndrome only holds us back, and it never hurts to try.

Enter your name and email here to get the case study of a success story from another beauty and wellness brand for inspiration.