Let’s Work Together

We empower the new wave of non- traditional startup founders.

Virtual App Incubator.

Provide your students, cohort, startups or program participants with the tools to flesh out their idea, build a robust MVP and gain traction, data & feedback.




Our Platform & Learning Management System Empowers Founders to

Build A Product

Acquire the latest skills to build your product idea without hiring developers.

Launch Any Startup

Learn the repeatable process to turn every idea into a market reality quickly.

Gain Traction

Test market demand and adapt your product to your customers needs.

Prepare For Funding

Build your pitch deck, structure your financials and learn how to attract interest.

Strategy Modules


Our step-by-step strategy modules will show you exactly how to build the right product and attract your ideal customers. We will then prepare you for investors, accelerators and growth.

No-Code Workshops


Our click-by-click workshops will teach you a curated list of the most powerful no-code tools and how to leverage them to build you first product, MVP and beyond. Whether you are building an app like Calm, a marketplace like Fiverr or a tool like Slack, you can build it with no-code.

Build Your Community

Offer our app builder and learning platform as your own to founders all over the world, 9-5 side hustlers and anyone with  an idea, wifi & a laptop from the comforts of their safe home.

We Love Partnership

We are proud to be partners with Wayne State University organization Tech Town Detroit.

See our case study to see what we are doing for organizations like you.

Top-notch Cirriculum.

Customer Discovery

Define your audeince and develop your customer avatar.

Building Your MVP

Building out the user experience using our No-Code platform.

Building A Product

Understand how to leverage No-Code & defining deliverables.

Data & Analytics

Monitoring user behavior and how to apply lessons learned.

Sales & Marketing

Determining your best revenue model and user aquisiton.

Funding The Next Milestone

We’ll guide you through pitching & fundraising to progress your tech.

Choose a Service that Fits Your Needs.


Best for Bootcamps

  • No-Code Solutions
  • Building A Product
  • Sales & Marketing


Courses Only

  • Course Library Access
  • App Resources Docs
  • Discussion Forum


Courses + App Platform

  • Course Library access
  • App Resources Docs
  • Forum/Private Group
  • 1 App License per Startup


Incubator + Coaches

  • Course Library access
  • App Resources Docs
  • Private Community
  • 1 App License per Startup
  • Live Instructors/Mentors

We Will Do All of The


Support your entrepreneurship initiatives with programming that empowers and educates multicultural and under-served entrepreneurs.

Help entrepreneurs build their own minimum viable product as non-engineers and test it in the market with modest resources.