Have you considered creating a church app for your congregation? Unsure as to whether it is the right solution for you? Read on as we break down the pros and cons of having an app in today’s digitally connected world.

For community-based organizations, it’s a constant challenge to build an active online community. Every day they try to keep up with social media and online groups in order to engage and nurture an active community. This is especially true if you are a church leader.

The main problem you may face is trying to keep in contact with your congregation, whether through delivering sermons or holding Bible study sessions over different online platforms. These methods might face low engagement rates due to distractions faced by your congregation such as social media updates from friends or incoming messages from friends and family.

Your best option is having a website as a digital presence. However, websites do not allow you to send push notifications alerting users of new sermons or Bible study sessions uploaded.

As today’s churchgoers become increasingly tech-savvy and digitally connected, church leaders need to find more effective ways to reach their audience.

With 87% of users spending their time on apps and only 13% on the web, is having an app the best possible way to nurture an active community of church members?

Building a church app can nurture a thriving community without drying up your account, and still engage your congregation each day of the week.

Does your church need an app?

According to Silicon Valley analyst, Andrew Chen, an app loses 77% of its users within the first three days after installation.

So does this mean having a church app won’t be of help to your cause?

Well, it depends. It depends on how building a church app will help your church members and how it will help you achieve your ministry goals.

But what I’m sure of is that churches have a unique audience that they can tap into with an app.

An audience of church members who are sincere followers and would look forward to using your app all through the week whether by watching sermons or attending Bible studies.

In addition, you would unite the church by having all church groups in one single app, directly connecting with your congregation.

How can a church app help the church stay connected with its members?

1. Private Prayer Request Submission

With Typeform integration, you can insert a form where people can ask for spiritual advice and prayer requests from your pastoral staff in your church’s app. That way, only those who have access to the form’s replies will be able to see the prayer requests.

2. Bible study groups, youth groups, and all other church groups all in one place. 

With the Social Wall feature, anyone who interacts with the wall will receive a notification whenever there’s a new activity within it. You can also use this feature for prayer requests.

When users comment, other congregants in that group will even get an automated SMARTpush notification increasing the engagement and building a sense of community and togetherness.

3. Even on the go, church members can find your sister churches via the church app.

Have small groups at your church?

You can use the Places 2.0 feature to show those small groups’ locations as well as the locations of your church’s campuses or sister churches.

This makes it super easy for any churchgoer to find out which home groups meet nearby, or visit another campus location while traveling.

4. Send push notifications notifying users of uploaded sermons.

With the TequityApp platform. you have complete control over your notifications. You can send out scheduled notifications, create notification groups that deal with specific topics that users can subscribe to, as well as set up automatic notifications.

You can also send out location-based notifications. Want to welcome visitors to your church? You can set up a notification to trigger whenever someone gets within a certain distance of your church which can send them a welcoming message, or a blurb on what your current sermon series is.

5. Video and audio sermons all in a church app with the ability to take notes.

With the ability to directly add videos, you can also add video sermons from youtube and Vimeo. Just have audio? Then you can use the Media Centre Manual which will allow you to create an archive of audio sermons in your app paired with an audio player, users will have additional control over the audio in your app.

In addition, users would be able to bookmark and add their own notes to sermons, or any other presentation that you may hold at your church.

6. Church donations and Tithe collection

Funding a church can be tough, now you can bring in a donations page for your church into the app. While creating another revenue source might not be the main reason for having one, if your church has a cafe, you can use the Loyalty and Coupon features to help encourage people to visit the cafe. While these were made for more business-centric apps in mind, there’s plenty of creative ways to use these to encourage your churchgoers.

Over to you.

With more and more people becoming tech-savvy, church leaders can create a strong connection with their audience by using an app that incorporates all sermons and church outreach needs, all in one place.