New Plugins Coming in Q1 2023

We have been grinding super hard to fulfill some wishlist features for our platform. Over the next few weeks you will see some really cool new features to NixCode.

Here’s what’s coming

  • Live Streaming for Events, Gaming, Tutoring or Therapy Sessions
  • Swipe Cards to Connect with User Profiles
  • Scan Products to Compare Pricing & Leave Reviews
  • Audio and/or Video Rooms similar to Clubhouse App

App Spotlight of the Month: PepTalks

The PepTalks app allows users to pick and choose what types of notifications they want to receive. There are five different categories of affirmations, and three notifications within each category, for a total of 15 notifications per day. Users can sign up for as many or as little as they want.

You can read the full PepTalks story here.

In addition to helping others, the app has been highly beneficial to Lindsey and her future endeavors. “As an entrepreneur, it’s paving the way for more opportunities, paving the way for a wider reach and a wider audience,” she explains.

Product Updates and Enhancements

Our developers and engineers are constantly taking steps to ensure NixCode performs at a high level. In addition to creating new features and expanding our technology, our team also strives to update existing features and plugins. Here’s a quick summary of some notable updates to NixCode in October:

  • From the admin dashboard, users will now see suggested features and plugins that are directly related to their app type and industry
  • Updated the platform for compatibility with the new iPhone 14 Pro and Apple’s new “Dynamic Island” feature
  • Updated Apple’s HealthKit integration to pull all possible data from HealthKit, including nutrition, activities, steps, type of coffee consumed, and more
  • Enhanced the image previewer to load high-resolution images in less than 0.8 seconds to improve the user experience
  • Created a new plugin that makes it easy to rate and review anything to expand its use cases for as many applications as possible

New Templates!

Our design team released dozens of new templates for different app types and industries. Here’s a preview of our updated designs, you can discover more new designs on signup.nixcode.io:

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