What is NixCode?

NixCode is an early stage startup, who has a scalable product solution, with traction that is currently seeking $3M in seed funding.

What WordPress does for websites, NixCode does for mobile apps. They remove the exorbitant cost & complexity of mobile app development for non-technical innovators. No code solutions such as NixCode, enables startups to and large organizations build, test, and iterate on their mobile applications quicker and easier. Therefore, democratizing app development, enabling entrepreneurs to get their business and brand presence off the ground quicker, gaining them access to equity that they may never have achieved without having a tool like this to do so.


For entrepreneurs, starting a business is often costly. If you want to have a digital presence or enable customers to engage with you or purchase your products on mobile it can be even more of a challenge. The majority of small businesses are made up of non-technical founders, who do not know how to code and generally have limited design skills. Further, as business owners spending the money and taking the time to learn these skills can be costly to their go-to-market timing, losing valuable momentum and shifting founder focus on building rather than strategy and sales. Therefore, they must hire engineers and designers to build their apps for them. This can be quite costly depending on the type of business you have.

The average cost to build an iOS app is $28K. Android is ~$23K. It takes an average of ~180 hours to build a basic content only mobile app. NixCode enables you to do so in a few short hours if building from template, a few days for a highly custom app. Even the lowest cost mobile engineer-for-hire average around ~$40/hour. Source: https://www.codementor.io/freelance-rates/mobile-app-developers

For small businesses and enterprise businesses alike, the cost of iteration can be high as well. Changing out content placements, adjusting the user experience, or optimizing messaging takes time away from your engineering and design talent who would be required to shift priorities to make these types of updates, rather than focusing on innovation, product solutions, and growth.

People want the ability to get set up, get their brand out into the world, start making money as soon as possible, all while keeping costs low. Hiring engineering talent is not accessible to everyone who wants to build a business. There is a serious lack of equity for many people to have access to the capital necessary to hire a team or pay to gain the skills necessary to build an app.

Flexible platform that enables you to service any community.