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NixCode is an opp-building platform for non-tech users. It’s the only place to build, validate, and easily host your mobile products – all you need to do is provide the content! 


NixCode reforms the tech industry with its automated and intelligent no-code app-building platform that thinks like a human brain with the high-tech skill of a robot. Without any code, non-tech users can go from idea to market easily. Removing the barrier to equity and funding for startups, enterprises, and marginalized creators, NixCode has provided bootstrapped to breakthrough entry for coveted brands, including Zero to Wear, FashDash, and TAPS. NixCode is a vanguard for empowerment, equity, and economy through tech.

BOILER – 100

NixCode Apps, formerly Tequity, demolishes the tech barriers that keep startups, enterprises, and marginalized creators from going to market with their mobile products. NixCode’s automated, intuitive, and no-code software enables non-tech users to create and validate mobile solutions without any coding skills or complex technology. As a vanguard of equity, Founder, Sydney Davis helps hundreds of non-tech users who have never found it easier -break into tech, secure VC funding, and become market success stories with ease. For more information about how NixCode Apps champions and centers non-tech creators with advocacy, tech education, product development, and mentorship visit NixCodeApps.com, @nixcodeapps on social media.

Founder & CEO – Sydney Davis (she/her)

Director of Partnerships – Saul Davis (he/him)