Introducing In-App Live Stream

A new plugin service to feature in your app. Be one of the first to experience the power of NixCode Live Stream by signing up for our waiting list to get a preview.


Use live streaming to connect with students, employees, and professional development attendees in a collaborative, safe, and stimulating environment.


Hold events that are not bound by physical limitations. Conduct interactive sessions that are media-rich and responsive to the needs of your participants.


Provide users with ways to engage via video, chat, and audio, while integrating widgets, like screen collaboration, to enhance the live streaming experience.



Watch streams in real-time alongside others. The best part is we focus on all the heavy lifting. You get to focus on what you do best.

Live stream courses, events, shopping, influencer outreach, sports, gaming, religious events, podcasts, film festivals, fundraising events – All powered with Binge Wave technology.

Education & Training

For education Institutions, Businesses and Corporations. Conduct live courses, incorporate Google Slides Presenter, Share Documents, Voting, Chat, Add/Remove Participant to the Stage, Emoji Reactions, Waiting Room, Casting with pointer/cursor, and Whiteboard feature. Great for Tutoring, Onboarding, Professional Development and more.


Wellness & Fitness

Great for Mental Health therapists, fitness trainers, and life coaches. Conduct one-on-one video calls with clients in a secured environment. Chat and file/document sharing provide a means to review records and test results. Conduct individual and group sessions, and use timers to keep the pace of your sessions.

Festivals & Events

Increase sales by providing a virtual experience for those that can’t make it in person while expanding the footprint of your event globally. Include Emoji/Reactions and Chat giving you feedback to your event. A great tool for navigating Conferences and Conventions.


Shopping Experience

Integrate with various merchandising solutions. Get pop-ups on stream for recent sales and a counter for the amount of sales made for automatic advertising.

Live Stream Features…

Add/Remove Participant To Stage

Add/Remove a participant to the stage.

Community Wall

Keep your users engaged and communicating in your app with social groups for real time engagement with other users.

Content Scheduler

A Timed release plugin that creates categories, adds features, elements and schedules what date they will appear.

Audio Device Selector

Select which audio device for the user to use for their sound input.


Create directory-like information about people, orgs or places with pictures, contact, bios, and embed images and videos. 


Inbox for users to message one on one from Community Wall threads and have private conversations from one user to user.

Menu Order System

Let’s your customers create an order and track its status. Your staff will be able to manage orders and notify the customer for pickup.


Allows users to log their mood, activities, and notes. Users can see a list of all their logbook entries and manage them.


Users can compete with your community for the highest score at the top of the board, it also enables you to create trackable challenges.


Allows your students/clients/users to create, save, and share notes on your class, course, or sermon.

Weight Tracker

Allows users to set a goal weight and a target date to track their progress on their weight loss/gain journey and add progress images.

Geo-Fence Plugins

Trigger actions to your users devices to occur when they enter specific GPS locations in the world as they move with their device.