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Everything a Non-Tech Founder needs…

No Code App Building Courses

No Code App Builder

Dedicated App Support












The Best Education & Software Hybrid for Non-Tech Founders

Everything you need to build and launch!


Expert Led Courses

Access on demand videos to learn how to plan, build and launch your tech startup.


Design Layouts

Fear of templates? We have numerous options to create a unique app interface.


Robust Plugins

Adding app features with a click of button. Customize your plugin within the plugin settings.



Know exactly what converts well for your users to make informed decisions in your business.


Marketing Tools

Customize your brand and messaging including push notifications to users.


Dedicated Support

Updated documentation, tutorial videos, forums and live chat support for every user.

Why founders choose us

The Building is Easy & Simple

Add over 100 app features from our marketplace that require only your brand & content.

A Pipeline of Opportunity

Our users are provided access to funding and resources to sustain & grow.

We are ROI Focused

Our up front pricing includes data and storage for unlimited users & push notifcations.

A Platform to Scale

Build beyond your MVP, we can handle app customization as you expand your business.

Expand what your app can do by integrating with other no-code softwares.

No coding required, just connect your accounts.

We’ve helped over 5,600 founders launch their startup with success

“The support and engineers behind NixCode are committed to startups. You can tell they are invested in their users success. The support is personable and responsive. I love that I can manage my app indepently as a solo founder. I have been using the platform for 6 months now and finally got my first investment.”

Tiffany Wilson

Founder, MeDoula

Courses That Work

Inside your app control panel, get unlimited access to our

courses and trainings for mobile tech founders.

Planning For Your App

Learn how to choose the best monetization strategy for your app. Get clarity on who you will charge and how. 

Pitch to Win Masterclass

Learn how to find and win pitch competions for equity-free funding for your mobile tech startup.




Can I use NixCode for free?

Yes, all signups start as free for 2 years in our basic limited plan. You only have to pick a paid plan when you want to unlock paid features or publish your app.

Can I see your paid plans offer?

Yes, please visit our pricing page for plan details. If you wish to trial a higher plan for 30 days please signup to create your app and then inside the control panel, click button “Make a Request” for a trial.

How does the MVP free plan work?

NixCode provides access to the platform free forever to build out your mobile app. You have access to our platform, features, and functionality to finish building your app. You can use the Preview App button to get a free text link to your app for users to use the app via web. When you’re finished building and/or want to publish to iOS and Android, you will need to pay for one of our subscriptions that suits your needs. If you need any help picking the right subscription for your app, you can reach out to nixcodeapps.com/help.

Why do I have to pay every month/year?
There’s a myth out there that goes something like, “If I custom code an app, I can pay once and it will work forever.” What custom development shops won’t tell you though is that even if you custom code an app, there will still be monthly costs for upkeep, server space, maintenance, content changes, and more. With NixCode, however, we’ve not only built many of the features you’ll need right out of the box which reduces your upfront cost, but we also handle all of your servers, CDNs, push notification systems, user login/authentication, OS updates, design updates, the ability to change content, and more with one low monthly or yearly cost based on the features you need. It’s a pretty darn good deal if you ask us.
Can I host multiple apps under one subscription?
You can definitely have multiple apps under one account, however, each app will require its own subscription to be submitted to the App Store and Google Play and to function properly. If you have multiple apps, contact our support team inside your control panel (app.nixcode.io) by clicking the chat icon in the lower right corner to find out about multiple app discount options. 
Is the security settings (with user tagging) included on my plan?
Security settings along with user tagging is an awesome feature that lets you determine who has access (and who doesn’t) to certain parts of your app. You can unlock both of these features, along with several others, by being on either the Pro or Enterprise plan.
Can I publish my app for free?
In order to get your app live on the App Store and Google Play, you will need to sign up for one of our paid plans. Not only will our publishing team handle the submissions for you, but our development team also handles a ton on the front end (the cool features you do see) and the back end (all of the necessary features you don’t see) for you.
If I stop paying does my app get taken off the App Store and Google Play?
In order for app to maintain an active status with our servers and systems that power it and therefore function properly, you must maintain an active subscription. Not convinced? See the question “Why do I have to pay every month/year?” for more information on what your subscription goes toward.
Are there any additional costs besides my subscription plan?
In order to get your app live on the App Store and Google Play, both Apple and Google require that you have your own Apple and Google developer accounts, respectively. To date, Google is a one time fee of $25 and Apple is a yearly fee of $99 for a standard account or $299 for an enterprise account. If you are a non-profit organization, government entity, or educational institution, you may be eligible to get a free standard account.
Can I cancel anytime?
Yes. Our subscriptions are based on either monthly or, if you want a sweet discount, annual terms. Please note, however, if you cancel your service, your app will no longer function and will be removed from the App Store and Google Play per our terms.

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