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Our founder, Sydney, was sick of intimidating and clunky app­ building software. It kept non-tech users from creating mobile products that would revolutionize their industries. She thought that existing no-code platforms exploited users with underwhelming tools and yawn-inducing support

So she and her team of developers, solutionists, and UX/UI specialists created what others were unwilling to offer: NixCode. A super genius technology that processes like a HUMAN WITH THE HIGH-TECH SKILL OF A ROBOT.


I’m Sydney Davis, and I launched a software company in 2020 that allows non-technical founders who lack a CTO to build mobile apps for their tech startup without needing to know code. As a self-taught developer, I spent over five years freelancing app development.

Quickly it became evident that founders needed long-term strategic support alongside technical product development without breaking the bank, so I founded NixCode. A subscription platform that finally lets founders launch their startup alongside an artificial intelligence (AI) CTO to get their app developed and to the market.

NixCode disrupts the app development industry by being the first software to use artificial intelligence and no code software that is responsible for maintaining the strategic product focus for over 500 tech startups and is in charge of turning app concepts into profitable reality.

Users find our platform efficient and easy to use because we adopt a framework similar to the highly successful WordPress platform using open source development for quick start templates, plugins for features, and simple settings that cover design, build, marketing, monetization, and user management.

Since launching in 2020, we have over 56,000 users building their apps using NixCode. Over 500 have launched tech startups into the market, and every day around 10 new ideas are being created using our software.

Our mission is to get no-code startups from MVP to IPO by combining self-service CTO strategic support and no-code development software to build. We’ve already helped 1% of our startups get their first pre-seed or seed investment. Our biggest driver to push NixCode is providing equity to tech by empowering those who have disadvantages in the startup space and removing barriers to qualify for capital access. Join me in support by investing in our growth or sharing NixCode with the next startup unicorn.