Get Success In A Fraction Of The Time

We take care of all the heavy lifting and backend services so you can stay focused on what matters most, your users and your business.

Built to be scalable with your apps growth

If you need any custom functionality for your app, the NixCode SDK empowers you to create robust functionality with an entirely serverless architecture. 

Build new features using Javascript, HTML and CSS. Add any framework you like.


Use our cutting-edge deployment process to instantly deploy your code to QA or Production all around the world.


We take care of publishing to iOS and Android, No Server, Maintenance, No Cordova, Ionic, Titanium, React Native setup. Just start coding and let us take care of the rest.

Platform Features

App Roadmap

Generate a custom no-code app development guide based on your idea. Our platform will tell you the exact plugins, user interface structure and revenue model to perform with success in the app store and among your users.

No-Code Builder

Build native iOS and Android mobile apps using our folder framework no-code app builder. Use over 50 plugins to power your app and use the control panel to brand and customize your app experience without coding.

App Dashboard

Publish & host on our platform to monitor user behavior & app performance. Our dashboard will learn your app over time to set metrics for better app performance and optimal performance to sustain user engagement.

Breakthrough in tech without being a developer

Our platform tells you exactly how to build your app idea using NixCode

✓ So your app can maximize revenue potential

✓ So you’re building a great user experience

✓ So your app will meet App Store guidelines for approval

and watch your idea become a market reality.

Bulldoze barriers on the path from idea to market

Our platform includes a marketplace of templates and plugins

✓ So you can spend more time running your business than working in your business

✓ So you can work independently without help from a developer

✓ So 80% of your app is already developed; just customize your settings and add your content & branding

and reclaim your time and focus.

Become the sought-out industry authority

Our platform will publish your app to the app stores

✓ So you don’t have to worry about addressing app review feedback

✓ So you can focus on go-to-market strategy for your app

✓ So you can get it right; the first time

and secure VC funding or company buy-in.

Build for tomorrow without wasting today

Real-time app performance and metric monitoring that reduces waste and replenish resources

✓ So you can understand why you aren’t getting results

✓ So you can understand your app users

✓ So you can make informed decisions about your business

and be impactful and profitable in your industry.

Bridge gaps for Black & Brown Entrepreneurs

With our platform and startup support programs, NixCode has helped its user

✓ Grow to 35,000 users in 18 months

✓ Earn 1,901% in ROI

✓ Develop from idea to complete product in 21 days

and become a gateway of innovation & transformation.