Demo Day

May 13 @ 3pm

We are taking 30 founders through 6 vigorous weeks to build an app that will solve a problem in industries from beauty, healthcare, fitness, retail and more. We invite founders, investors and industry partners to check out the amazing tech being developed without code & to vote for your favorite startup being launch with NixCode.

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App Strategy Masterclass

You’re getting your plan together to launch that app or take your existing app business to the next level. We want to make sure you’re in position to be successful and get results.

Designing An App

w/o Code

Join Creative Cultivator: Erikka Yvonne as she shows you how to create a cutting edge mobile app using no-code. We’re going to show you how to make a mobile app that aligns with your brand and gives users a seamless experience.

Building A Directory App w/o Code

We will show you the best features available for a directory style app on our no-code app builder platform. Directory apps help others find and connect with other people, places or things.