Build an App For Your Shopify Store

Generate 55% more revenue per customer and increase return customers with a mobile app for your Shopify store.

Everything you need to engage, grow and scale your Shopify store in a mobile app. You subscribe to our $79/mo Standard plan to host and publish your app to iOS and Android, we will develop the app for free.

Benefits for eCommerce Mobile App

Deliver an amazing mobile experience

Wow your customers with a mobile app that makes it easier for them to buy and connect with your brand.

Convert more customers

Mobile apps convert 3x higher than your website. Don’t miss out the ability to maximize your revenue.

Facilitate deeper customer relationships

Are you going to occupy a spot on your customers sacred mobile real estate and be top of mind?

Ready to build your Shopify Ecommerce app?

What’s Inside an Ecommerce App

Sync Your Entire Product Catalog

Just enter your Shopify store credentials to instantly import your product catalog.

Group and Categorize All Your Products

We make it easy to create any custom product categories or import your existing ones.

Powerful Search

Make product discovery easy and help shoppers find exactly what they are looking for.

Match Your Brand With a Fully Custom Look and Feel

With our extensive branding and layout options, you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for your brand.

Push Notifications

Send times deals, restock and drop reminders to shoppers and retarget open carts.

Live Shopping Experience

Give users an experience to see items on similar bodies/shades to get proper respective of sizing, color, texture and more.

An app not just limited to shopping

Unlike other Ecommerce app development platforms out there that are just single feature oriented, with NixCode you can build a fully featured app by leveraging the hundreds of other features available on our platform.

Maximize Customer Engagement With Push Notifications

Push notifications are the ultimate tool to run promotions and generate additional sales by making sure your message is read. Customers are 10x more likely to read a Push Notification over a promotional email.

Customer Reviews

Quick & Easy –

OK! I doubted a mobile app because I just felt that I couldn’t compete with apps like SHEIN, FashionNova, PLT, or Boohoo, BUT I did. I used TikTok videos trying on my pieces and used the engagement to drive traffic to my mobile app; after a month of consistent posting, over 100k app users. My open and engagement rate is 70% higher on app notifications & offers than email. Ahhh I wish I started sooner. I still use my website but I leverage social media and my app for marketing to increase and sustain sales. Thanks NixCode for encouraging me to take the leap and making the process super easy. I spend around $150 a month on my app and I make a return on that investment in the 1st hour of the new billing cycle!!!! 

Kristen B.


FAQ: Building an eCommerce App

Is it difficult to create a shopping app from scratch?

Creating a shopping app is easy. With NixCode’s no-code ecommerce app builder, you don’t need any coding experience, design knowledge, or technical skills to build an app on your own. Just choose from one of our professionally-designed templates explicitly made for ecommerce. Then you can customize all of the features with our drag-and-drop app builder.

What features should a shopping app include?

We recommend using Shopify Integration or Pixel Shop plugin(9.99/mo) to sell your physical products. For user engagement add a community wall for users to show how their items fit or wear on their bodies/skin. Use our live stream plugin to give styling tips and live shopping experience. Use notifications to announce drops and restocks.

How much does it cost to build an ecommerce app?

The exact cost to build a shopping app depends on the features you want and your development method. Traditional development is expensive and time-consuming. But with NixCode, you can create a shopping app for a fraction of the cost. Just pay a fixed, affordable monthly fee. There’s no setup fee or hidden charges to worry about.

How do I improve my marketing and sales with an app?

You should offer rewards and coupons for purchases over a certain spend amount. To ensure great ROI make your first offer a minimum spend to cover your app cost for the month; ie $149. Then target users with notifications based on their activity for restock in their size or frequent searches. Schedule a free strategy session to pepare to scale with an app.

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