“I really like that we don’t have to worry about updating anything when Apple or Google Play does a new release. It’s just nice being able to outsource this for a very reasonable price. Creating an app with Tequity Apps is something that a small business can absolutely attain.”

Chris Wallace | Founder of Fastercise
Build your own fitness app

While Chris knew he needed a mobile app, he didn’t have any experience in coding or creating one. Chris didn’t have the resources for custom development, so he sought an alternative solution.

Chris used DIY platforms in the past for things like web building and design, so he wanted to use that same approach to build the Fastercise app. “I’m so glad that there are companies like Tequity because this is not my specialty at all,” says Chris. He described finding Tequity as “such a relief.”

Mobile access to Fastercise immediately improved the clients’ experiences. “One thing that’s really killer about the app is the videos,” says Chris. “Users can access the content from anywhere, whether it’s at work or in the kitchen, without being tied to a computer.”

Fastercise app users simply thumb through the videos on their phones, select a video, and follow the motions in the demonstration. Everything is organized by muscle groups. Chris says, “People in the program say the app is indispensable.”

He also indicates that the Fastercise app adds a level of professionalism to the company. Chris continues saying, “The app makes us seem really big. It doesn’t look like a father-daughter duo in the basement.”

The app has also made things easier for medical professionals. Fastercise is currently in nine clinics, and doctors are recommending the app to their patients for weight loss. This type of exposure would have been impossible without the Fastercise mobile app.

Chris describes the app building experience as “functional and economical.”

He continues to say, “The app worked in the beginning, it works now, and it’s pretty much everything that he hoped for. And the fact that it works on Apple and Google Play is just awesome.”

Building an app has set the precedent for limitless growth.

While the app is just a few months old, Chris has high ambitions. He is adding another ten medical clinics within a month, which will more than double their current number.

Chris says, “We’re going to get this in every hospital, every athletic center, in every school, and every company. Sooner or later, everyone is going to be using Fastercise.”

Thanks to the Fastercise mobile app, the sky is the limit for this team.

“I would recommend Tequity Apps to anyone that wants to get an app to market quickly and reliably.” — Chris.