Case Study – Cannabis eCommerce

“In a critical time of a pandemic, we needed to safely manage car side pick up for clients. Tequity has been instrumental in making sure our tech complies with our strict regulations.” Great Lakes Holistics of Battle Creek MIIndustry: Cannabis eCommerce...

Founder of NixCode, Sydney

Why NixCode was created? Get a deeper understanding of our mission and founder.

Getting Started: Education App

What are some features that you can use in your Educational app to help enhance the classroom experience? We'll answer that in this article. Getting Started With My Education App We feel that an educator’s reach should extend beyond the classroom, and one of the best...

Empowering You with Education

It is our mission to build mobile products and platforms for scrappy non-tech creatives who’d rather do anything than learn to code.

We believe in startups and enterprises that want to build mobile products. We’re here to make tech a stepping stone, not a stumbling block.