“In a critical time of a pandemic, we needed to safely manage car side pick up for clients. Tequity has been instrumental in making sure our tech complies with our strict regulations.”

 Great Lakes Holistics of Battle Creek MI

Industry: Cannabis eCommerce Pickup/Delivery

Launch: February 26th, 2020

The Problem: Need people to order products online and through app to place an order for pickup with cash only. Wants to promote competitive pricing and great deals consistently as marijuana goes recreational & industry gets crowded. App needs to have geolocation to know when customer is outside parked in their car since they cannot come inside.


The data represents first week during launch, blue is average downloads and the green is the clients results in the first 7 days of launching.

An ecommerce business app with zero advertisement or formal marketing promotion can gain a monthly average of 300 site visitors, which is considered low. According to A1 Marketing Stats, good traffic for any app is 1,000 downloads a month. Since launching February 26th, 2020 with zero advertisement or formal marketing, Great Lakes Holistics has exceed the average download for ecommerce businesses and is estimated to reach 45,000 downloads by year end.

How does the mobile app create revenue opportunities?

Great Lakes Holistics has a unique business model complimented with consistent traffic exceeding industry norms. The mobile app is a platform that can offer high value targeted ad placements for purchase to businesses that offer supplemental products or services. Offering ad placements on the app and leveraging the traffic analytics would be a passive revenue for the business bringing in a potential $10,000 monthly in additon to sales. Great Lakes Holistics will utilize push marketing to attract sales through daily offers and delivery & car side pick up service.